Attention: CEO's and COO's Executives Looking For A Competitive Edge

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About Andy Churchill

Experienced guidance and mentorship you can trust.

Andy Churchill has been called upon by corporate leaders from around the world for over 20 years to help them produce the result most important in their business operations, and their lives.

ATTN: CEO's and COO's Executives:

I've set aside some time next week to do some free strategy calls with a few executives.

What you will get by the end of the call is a specific plan to solve your biggest operational problem. I'm doing this because I enjoy helping high-level executives succeed, and because this is how I get my high end mentorship and consulting clients.

Don't worry, this isn't a sales call.  

The only catch is I can't talk to everybody. 

You can complete a very brief application process. If I think I can help you, I'll email you to schedule for your free strategy call.

3 Steps To Quickly Close The Gap Between Where You're At Now And Where You Want To Be

Step 1: Master Your Pyschology and Mindset

If there's a gap between where you're at now, and where you want to be,  closing that gap ALWAYS begins with a different way of thinking.

Step 2: Only Use Proven Strategies That Work

You will NEVER find a sunset running east.  You must have proven strategies that work now, and will work consistently going forward.

Step 3: Systematically Implement Your Winning Strategies

Nobody (except maybe your dog) will be happy without systematic implementation of winning strategies.  And there's one more thing...

An Experienced Mentor Who Always Has Your Back

Andy Churchill

Even with the best mindset, winning strategies, and proven implementation systems... progress is often slow and frastrating because your old conditioning kicks back in.

Not with me looking out for you.  I'll have your back and make sure you get whatever it is you truly desire.

What Leaders Are Saying About Andy Churchill

"I've worked with people at the highest level in the financial and business worlds.  Andy brings intangibles to the table that put millions of dollars in the bank."

Doug Allen, CEO Destiny Partnership, L.P.

"His knowledge and experience allow him to efficiently cut through any obstacles and provide the best solutions. He is laser focused and can asses the most complex problems from all angles using understandable intelligent methodology." 

Steve Dawson, MD, Prime Resort Services

"Andy is very sharp and with great business strategy ideas. I have worked with Andy over the past 3 years and am very impressed with Andy's energy and problem solving skills. I highly recommend Andy as a senior level business consultant."

Doug Williams, President, Digital Marketing

This Is NOT For Everybody

Working with Andy Is NOT for:

 Anybody who's content with being adequate in the sea of corporate mediocrity.

•  Executives who show up for work everyday because of the money and not because they're passionate about making a difference in their organization and creating raving fan clients.

•  Somebody who would rather make excuses and blame other people, the system, or corporate politics for their lack of success.

Who This IS For:

•  This may be for you if you're willing to hold yourself to a higher standard and think excuses are unacceptable.

•  This might be for you if you're already a leader.  I'm not here to turn anybody into a leader.

•  This might be for you if you demand more from yourself than you could possibly demand from anybody else.

Would You Like Me To Personally Help You Solve Your Biggest Operational Problem... For Free?

If you're a C-Level executive and you have a BAP (big ass problem) that's been bugging you go ahead and click the button below to apply for a free 45 minute strategy session.

We will create a collaborative plan that you can begin to implement immediately after our call is complete.